Goodwood Revival

When I wasn’t sipping on Johnnie Walker cocktails, deciding who had the best outfit and watching the World War 2 planes fly overhead at Goodwood Revival this weekend, I was raiding the Tesco pop up store.

This wasn’t because I’m a huge Tesco fan (I’m actually more of a Sainsbury’s or Waitrose girl), it’s because the Tesco store stocked all the original sweets, chocolates and crisps from the 1960s, including Opal Fruits. Made to make your mouth water, I still don’t know why Opal Fruits changed their name to Starburst as there is something so lovely about the original name…even though I, and probably others, haven’t a clue what it means.

I was so excited by the sight of the sweetie aisle that I felt compelled to buy everything on offer, including an original Flake, Crunchie and Marathon bar (some are missing from the picture above as I shamefully ate them on the way home). I even managed to purchase an Andy Warhol style Tesco baked bean t-shirt, so I guess I’m becoming a Tesco girl after all.

The other brilliant thing about Revival was being invited to a revolving picnic by James Bond and his surprisingly jolly villains – Auric Goldfinger, Oddjob and Ernst Stavro Blofeld (that’s a sentence I never thought I’d write).

Packed full of homemade terrines, pates, oak smoked salmon, smoked duck, artichokes and quails eggs, it was one of the most impressive, delicious and ingenious things I’d ever seen, mainly because I could sit and spin the picnic when I fancied something on the other side – some might call this lazy, I prefer practical. I would like to thank James, Auric, Oddjob and Ernst for their kind hospitality and I can’t wait to join their picnic again next year. 

4 responses to “Goodwood Revival

  1. The retro sweets have gone down well here and with other family members. There certainly seems to be a bit of controversy with the Opal Fruits vs. Starburst!
    I’d like to see someone bring Toffos back.

  2. I love the idea of this… retro snacks will always be in fashion!

  3. Double Diamond – where did that go? Colin

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