Borough Market

It would be hard to list all the reasons why Borough Market is one of my favourite places in London, but as I jogged my memory during a visit yesterday, here are my top five.

1. There’s an amazing variety of well-priced, good quality meat on offer, including a Ginger Pig stall that sells the same steaks we devoured at The Hawksmoor last week, at a fraction of the price.

2. Our friend Tim (aka The Mushroom Man) sells delicious Mushroom Pâté at the Pâté Moi stand. Handmade with organic mushrooms from Suffolk, it’s delicious spread on toast, stirred into pasta, or baked in chicken breast.

3. Not only are there samples galore, if you’re after a substantial ‘meat fix’, there are plenty of delicious sandwich and burger options. My favourite has always been the Northfield Farm beef burgers, but I noticed a new temptation at Le Marche du Quartier yesterday – cooked duck served in a ciabatta with sweet French mustard and rocket…

The sandwich was stuffed full of succulent duck, which was complimented by the mustard and rocket. If I had to make a small criticism, it would be that there wasn’t enough mustard (the baps were ready made so you couldn’t add your own), but this clearly wasn’t a massive issue as I consumed the whole thing in well under five minutes.

4. The magnificent restaurant Roast, which has an amazing view of the market and must be the best place to go for Sunday lunch. If you can’t quite afford the pricy menu, you can always opt for ‘Roast To Go’, a takeaway that sits just below the restaurant. My friend L isn’t a lover of duck, so went for a pork belly butty with bramley apple sauce. The sandwich was big, messy and a little colder than it should have been, but L seemed happy as she crunched away on her extremely crackly crackling.

5. My first few trips to Borough Market were with my family at Christmas time, so I will always have fond memories exploring the stalls with my mum, dad and sister, holding a hot cup of mulled wine. One thing I’ll never forget is the moment a bit of oil spat into my eye from a pan of sizzling scallops (my fault for watching too closely). A painful memory in a way, but also a satisfying one as the kind scallop lady gave me an extra large portion as consolation for my ‘injury’.

4 responses to “Borough Market

  1. Borough Market is excellent and you certainly brought it to life. Can’t wait for December when it is open all weekend! Colin

  2. I love borough market too! but i wouldn’t say the meat is well priced at the ginger pig! you should make a trip down to the farmers’ markets for really good meat at great prices (: btw another reason to love borough market: CHEESE GALORE!

  3. The pork belly and the duck sound superb! I am rather hungry now.

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