Kathmandu Inn, Shepherd’s Bush

The Boyfriend raves about it, his parents rave about it and even Matthew Norman from The Guardian raves about it, so I felt it was high time to try the Nepalese delights of the Kathmandu Inn.

As it was late on a work night, we decided to order take-away, rather than sitting in the clean, bright restaurant. The menu was full of the usual favourites – Tandoori chicken, Korma, Sag Aloo and a good selection of Baltis, as well as the ‘Chef’s Specials’. Being a regular customer, The Boyfriend went for his usual Chicken Tikka Masala, which he insisted was worth it when he saw the quizzical ‘isn’t that a bit boring?’ look on my face. At first, I was sad not to find my favourite Korai King Prawn on the menu, but it was a short-lived disappointment as the alternative spelling was quickly pointed out to me – Karahi is the Nepalese equivalent.

To accompany our curries, we chose Dall Sag, Pilau rice, a couple of poppadums and a plain naan. Our choices may not seem that adventurous, but I’ve always been a creature of habit when it comes to curry – I know what I like and I don’t want to try something new that leaves me dissatisfied, especially when trying a curry house for the first time.

When we got home, we hungrily opened the foils and started helping ourselves ‘buffet style’ (always the best way to eat take-away curry, wouldn’t you agree?). Not only were the poppadums perfectly crisp and the naan soft and doughy, the Karahi King Prawn had the same light tomato sauce with perfectly balanced medium spices that made me fall in love with the dish in the first place. Plus, it won extra points for being packed with large juicy prawns that hadn’t fallen victim to overcooking.

As for the Dall Sag, I could have easily eaten it on its own due to the robust and yummy combination of spinach and lentils. Also, I have to hand it to The Boyfriend’s tastebuds as the light, mild sauce that coated the surprisingly moist chicken breast in the Tikka Masala was tasty enough to tempt me from my usual choice.

I don’t want to be too influenced by reviews, but I can honestly only agree with what I’ve heard and read about the Kathmandu Inn as each dish really was delicious. It certainly lived up to the hype and, considering how much we ordered (my dish was one of the most expensive on the menu), the price came in at a reasonable £15 each.

Kathmandu Inn, 6-7 7 Stars Corner, London, W12 8ET

One response to “Kathmandu Inn, Shepherd’s Bush

  1. As a lover of Indian/Bangladeshi/Pakistani/Nepalese food, I will definitely have to try this restaurant!

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