Meat Liquor, Marylebone

If you want to go to the newly opened Meat Liquor by Yainni Papoutsis of #Meateasy fame, you have to play by the rules:

Although this notice is displayed by the bar, and it’s likely the staff don’t want to serve ‘dickheads’, watch customers ‘heavy petting’ or come across a gerbil nibbling on a chip, I think these rules are more accurate:

  1. Arrive early – we got there at 5.30pm and walked straight in. By the time we left at 7pm the queue outside went round the block
  2. Make sure you and your friends arrive at the same time – it doesn’t matter how much you plead, you won’t be given the size of table you require until everyone is present. What’s more, if one of your friends arrives really late, they can’t walk straight in and join everyone, they have to go to the end of the queue and wait outside (one step too far? I think so)
  3. Don’t be shocked to hear the bartenders and waiters shouting “MEAT!” or “LIQUOR!” – these are alternatives to “SERVICE!”
  4. Don’t go if you’re on a dietΒ – there is nothing ‘healthy’ on the menu, even one of the two salad options looked like it had tortilla chips in it
  5. Don’t expect Gastropub burgers – the burgers at Meat Liquor are greasy, cheesy and messy, but this shouldn’t put you off as the beef tastes great and is served a perfect medium rare
  6. Try the deep fried pickles – these were a first for me and were surprisingly delicious, but then most fried foods are
  7. Avoid if you have earache / hate anything other than classical music – heavy metal and rock is the music of choice and plays VERY loudly
  8. To fit in, grow a handle bar moustache, arrive on a motorbike and wear a checked shirt – perhaps it was a coincidence, but I love the fact this American-style burger bar had even gone to the effort to hire a couple of ‘easy riders’ to drink beer at the bar
  9. Drink cocktails – the cocktail menu is extensive and most are served in cool, quirky, but slightly outdated, jam jars. If Bloody Mary is your drink of choice, prepare for a burning mouth due to their fiery alternative to Tabasco sauce. Personally I couldn’t think of anything worse to drink, so stuck with my usual – White Lady (or Perfect Lady as it’s called in Meat Liquor). Now, I’ve become a bit of a snob when it comes to this cocktail so could quickly point out a major fault – the ice hadn’t been strained properly to produce the usually smooth liquid. Despite this, it wasn’t long before I ordered a second round as it still tasted pretty good
  10. Don’t worry, it won’t cost the earth – you can’t go wrong when you can get a cocktail, burger and fries for less than Β£20 in London

Meat Liquor, 74 Welbeck Street, London W1G 0BA

3 responses to “Meat Liquor, Marylebone

  1. Sounds the perfect place for a romantic night out!

  2. Great review, I went here a few weeks ago and got the deep fried pickles abslutly amazing! I’m a pickle lover anyway! I found the whole idea of the queue a bit….ridiculous, but waited regardless! One of my friends wanted to come in while we finished before going shopping and they told her to join the queue but would not be allowed to get food or a drink…awkward…she just got a coffee and met us later! Overall it was cool, a lot of effort but it was yummy food!

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