Burger & Lobster, Mayfair

‘You might as well be eating Sebastian from The Little Mermaid’ remarked The Boyfriend on Saturday night. Looking down at the large grilled lobster on my plate I felt momentarily ashamed, before deciding that his ludicrous comment didn’t warrant any response as it clearly stemmed from jealousy (he had ordered the smaller, less exciting Lobster Roll) and stupidity (Sebastian is a crab).

Before you go to Burger & Lobster you need to decide what kind of person you are. If you’re someone that likes a lot of choice, happens to collect menus (I hear some people do) and is fed up of the latest ‘no reservations’ craze, I doubt it’ll float  your boat. However, if like me you see a no-booking policy as the chance to nip round the corner for a pre-dinner drink, would order a well-priced burger or lobster any day, and find too much choice tedious, then get on your Boris and pay a visit.

At Burger & Lobster you have the simple choice of a burger, grilled/boiled lobster or a Lobster Roll, all priced at exactly £20 and served with chips and salad. As our lovely waitress explained on our tour of the tanks, the lobsters are caught off Nova Scotia and the restaurant keeps around 1,200 at any one time.

Much like our fellow customers (they’d already sold 400 lobsters that day), we ignored the burger option and, after a bit of a battle, I victoriously ordered the lobster and The Boyfriend went for the Lobster Roll.

When my lobster arrived a smile swept across my face and I wasted no time  tucking in, bib already in position. After years eating Shankers caught off the coast of Jersey with my family, I’ve been brought up thinking crab is best as a lobster tastes like a ‘bland prawn’. I’m pleased to say Burger & Lobster has changed my opinion, as the juicy meat had a delicious sweetness that needed no help from the superfluous jug of garlic butter sauce.

I felt a pang of guilt when I saw The Boyfriend’s little Lobster Roll, but luckily I had no need to as packed with 2/3rds of a lobster, and covered in a sweet, light mayonnaise, it left him smiley and satisfied.

We ordered lime mousse for dessert, which arrived quicker than it takes to say ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ (the main reason for our visit). For once the camera doesn’t lie – this mousse was as mediocre as it looks, served in an out of place plain ice-cream tub.

I’m going to give Burger & Lobster a LLE Rating of 8/10, mainly because it’s the only place in London you can order decent lobster without breaking the bank. If it were my restaurant, I’d ditch the boring desserts and ignored burger, and instead rename it Lobster Lobster, as that’s what it’s becoming famous for.

Burger & Lobster, 29 Clarges Street, Mayfair, London W1J 7EF

3 responses to “Burger & Lobster, Mayfair

  1. Like you, I have always preferred the taste of crab, but your description makes me want to dash out and have what you have had – I don’t think I can wait!

  2. I agree with you – I would order the lobster, rather than the burger. Sounds like a great place to eat and the lobsters look a good size. When I am next in the Smoke, I will get on a Boris and make my way to the restaurant!

  3. Brilliant I’ve never had decent lobster in London, in fact I’m not sure I’ve ever had great lobster! I will be making my way here soon.

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