Meatballs, Faringdon Road

‘On top of spagheeeetti, all covered in cheeeeese, I lost my poor meeeeatball, when somebody sneeeezed’

Did anyone else use to love that advert? Well, if the song still plays in your head from time to time, I’ve now found the perfect place to sing it out loud – Meatballs in East London.

Located slap bang in the middle of five surrounding stations, this is the restaurant to go to if you like your meat round as they serve five different types of meatball, as well as a weekly ‘guest’ ball. Unfortunately for veggies, they are left with the questionable choice of courgette balls with a mild curry sauce, which in my opinion, is enough to turn anyone into a meat eater.

Inside, Meatballs has kept the same rustic interior as the old Chop House that use to inhabit the building. Now, even though you might flock to the booths for an ‘intimate’ setting, I’d advise against it if your group is more than four or you’ll be in for an uncomfortably cramped meal that isn’t helped when someone starts fanning their face with a menu.

When it came to the food, my selection of the pork and rosemary, beef with ricotta and Greek lamb meatballs served on a bed of egg pappardelle with a parmesan cream sauce was incredibly moreish and satisfyingly meaty, with each ‘ball having its own unique flavour. I’m sure this is mainly down to the recipes, but Meatballs certainly doesn’t scrimp on ingredients as all its ‘balls are made with quality organic meat from local butchers, Barratts of Englands Lane.

Even though each portion could, and would, have been enough, we also ordered peas with lettuce, spring onions and cream, honey and thyme roasted carrots and creamed spinach. You certainly wouldn’t see a child rejecting this selection of veg due to the clever additions of cream and honey, but the fussy little girl inside me wasn’t complaining as I happily devoured more than my fair share of each one (sorry friends, you know me).

I rate the restaurants I go to not only on quality of food, but also value for money as many Londoners are like me – Β broke most of the time. Therefore, I’m giving Meatballs a LLE Rating of 7/10, which might have been higher if it wasn’t for the dreaded booths (perhaps it’s time for a refurb eh Meatballs?).

Meatballs, The Quality Chop House, 92-94 Faringdon Road, London EC1R 3EA

5 responses to “Meatballs, Faringdon Road

  1. Mmmm, sounds delicious! By sheer coincidence, I had meatballs tonight too but they were Waitrose’s own, pales in comparison!

  2. I remember the advert! I’m not sure. however, that I will travel to London to have meatballs. That said, if you live there I can understand fully why you might want to try it out.

  3. Thanks for the write up Little Lady. The whole restaurant is in its original 1870’s state so protected by English Heritage Grade 2 Listed Status.

    They certainly are bum numbing, but we think the atmosphere and food more than make up for it.

    Was it too hot the evening you went?

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