Pizza Pilgrims, Berwick Street Market

Once upon a time,  a pair of brothers decided to leave our  green and pleasant land and go on a pilgrimage to Italy. As they packed their things and kissed their loved ones goodbye, they vowed never to return until they could make pizza so good, the Italians would beg for the recipe.

Starting at the toe of Italy, they made their way up the country in a Piaggio van, specially designed with a pizza oven in the boot. When they felt sufficiently knowledgable in the art of pizza making, they triumphantly drove back to London, parking their van on Berwick Street. ‘The Pizza Pilgrims are here!’  cried the locals, as the smell of baked dough wafted up their noses.

On hearing the cries, one Little Lady rushed out and joined the queue, excited to try the pizza that had caused so much commotion. She looked at the choices, which were only a few, and decided on Margherita at just £5 a pop. Standing in the sunshine, she watched the brothers expertly create her pizza, before sliding it into the boot of the van.

Like magic, her pizza appeared ten minutes later, perfectly cooked, warm from the oven and begging to be eaten. As the first slice went into her mouth she thought ‘this is pretty damn good’. With the second she was hooked, questioning only the slight lack of sauce, but focusing on the basil aroma. The rest was history and after her final mouthful, she vowed to always recommend Pizza Pilgrims, giving her own LLE Rating of 9/10.

The end.

Pizza Pilgrims, Berwick Street Market, Soho, London

3 responses to “Pizza Pilgrims, Berwick Street Market

  1. What a great post! The brothers’ tale had me hooked and I would love to try their pizzas.

  2. What a great concept – I will have to look out for their van! Once again, this is an excellent review – I am surprised more people are not ‘following’ you!

  3. Oh my goodness, I love this! Can you please point them in the direction of the M1 and send them to Edinburgh please?

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