Honest Burgers, Brixton Village

You can’t always be honest. Sometimes you have to tell ‘white lies’ for the greater good, whether you’re trying to spare someone’s feelings, or think they’ll be happier if they remain ignorant to certain things, such as the existence of Santa or the Easter Bunny.

Luckily for Honest Burgers in Brixton, there’s no reason not to tell the truth as the burger I devoured this morning was one of the best I’ve had, beating Byron, Meat Liquor and, dare I say it, the Northfield Farm stall in Borough Market.

Made with dry aged beef from the good old Ginger Pig, the Honest Burger isΒ served with sweet red onion relish, crunchy smoked bacon, mature creamy cheddar, pickled cucumber and crisp lettuce, all encased in a lightly toasted bap. Not only is it finger lickin’ good, it isn’t so big and greasy that you’ll feel guilty after eating it and suffer from indigestion for the rest of the day. What’s more, the triple cooked chips are so brilliantly seasoned with rosemary that for the first time in my life, I didn’t douse them in mayonnaise and ketchup.

There are other things on the menu, such as free range chicken burgers and a Brixton Market vegetable fritter, but at Β£8.50, I have to agree with Jay Rayner’s comment that the Honest Burger is ‘a serious rival for the title of best reasonably priced burger in London’. So, the only thing left to do is start planning my next visit and give it an honest LLE Rating of 9/10.

Honest Burger, Unit 12, Brixton Village, London SW9 8PR

7 responses to “Honest Burgers, Brixton Village

  1. Sounds just the ticket – as a lover of burgers, I must give this place a go. Also, very useful that you have indicated the price – the burger seems very reasonable, for such quality!

  2. Sounds excellent – sadly it now being quarter to Midnight after an evening of wedding merriment I now have a great hankering for a tasty burger!

  3. As a ( dare I say it?) non-lover of burgers, I find myself strangely drawn to the idea of dry aged beef in a bap with cheese, gherkins and relish!

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  5. Yup LLE – the best burger and fries I’ve ever had I do beleive the hype – all done on electric cookers as well.

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