Casa Sibilla, Brixton

This is my third consecutive Brixton restaurant review. As a relatively new blogger, you may think ‘why doesn’t she ring the changes?’  or, worse still, ‘Little Lady Eats is becoming predictable’. But, before you do, please understand that it’s hard to ring the changes when I’ve a) just moved to Brixton and b) keep coming across delightful little restaurants such as the lovely Casa Sibilla.

It was the menu at Casa Sibilla that helped us decide where to eat last Saturday afternoon. Not only did it specialise in home made pastas, pastries and vegetarian dishes, it promised two courses for just £10. Now, where some Italian restaurants may see this as a way to push their most boring, cheap courses (ahem Zizzi and Carluccios), when it comes to Casa Sibilla, you can pick everything on its small, but perfectly formed, menu.

Whilst deciding what to order, the amicable waiter placed an unexpected Hors d’Oeurve down in front of us. Having always thought of Pizza Express when I heard the word ‘dough ball’, I will now reminisce on the warm nuggets of cheesy doughiness from Casa Sibilla as they were almost too good to be true.

Moving on to starters, I opted for the simple Wild Rocket salad, coated with shavings of parmesan and a drizzle of thick balsamic vinegar. It may not have been the most exciting dish in the world, but it was fresh and light, leaving plenty of room for The Boyfriend’s Casa Sibilla Platter.

The platter consisted of Italian cured meat, beef meatballs and ‘vegetarian specialities’. The ‘specialities’ were a mixture of vegetables stuffed with everything from couscous and cheese, to breadcrumbs and herbs. The mushroom stood out for both of us and I’d definitely recommend sharing it as the size is pretty generous.

For main, I went for the delicious Organic Egg, Smoked Ham & Fontina Cheese with Homemade Onion Focaccia. As a self confessed egg lover, this was the ideal meal for me and something I’d definitely try and replicate at home.

For The Boyfriend, it was Ricotta & Spinach Tortellini with Chestnut Mushroom Ragout & Parmesan. Although not as inventive as mine, the intense mushroom flavour of the home made pasta topped with it’s favourite friend parsley was perfectly good.

The most amazing thing about Casa Sibilla is the price. As I mentioned earlier, our entire meal came to an incredibly reasonable £20 without drinks, without compromising on the flavour of the food. And so, Casa Sibilla gets a LLE Rating of 7/10 from me.

Casa Sibilla, Brixton Village, 67-68 Granville Arcade, Coldharbour Lane, Brixton SW9 8PS

2 responses to “Casa Sibilla, Brixton

  1. I must try out Brixton! It seems to be ‘up and coming’ and a great place to eat good food inexpensively.

  2. Our experiences of this place couldn’t be further apart. I left traumatised
    bad food . slow service. portions miniscule
    agressive staff. and expensive

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