The Ultimate Bacon Butty

Who doesn’t love bacon? Other than vegetarians, vegans, those who abstain for religious reason and this guy…

I don’t fall into any of the above – except porky from time to time – so you can imagine my delight when Denhay Farms offered to send me everything I’d need to make the ultimate bacon butty.

The ingredients, which arrived in an unexpectedly large polystyrene box, consisted of some lovely dry cured bacon, farmhouse cheddar, an onion, a few mushrooms, some HP sauce and a bottle of rather tasty, expensive looking ketchup (Heinz better watch its back…).

So, with some lightly toasted fresh bread from Brixton market (surprise surprise), on Sunday morning we fried the bacon, mushrooms and onion, before assembling the sandwich with a good slice of cheddar and a squirt or two of sauce.

The verdict? Well, as bacon sarnies go, it was pretty darn good and made a nice change to my usual eggs benedict. Thank you Denhay Farms, you may come again.

3 responses to “The Ultimate Bacon Butty

  1. As a consequence of your article, I have just been looking at the Denhay Website ( – a traditional Dorset Farm which has won loads of awards for their bacon and has a Royal Warrant. I note that they will be in Hyde Park on 9th October – I may well go along!

  2. Excellent I like Eggs Benedict but I like Bacon Sandwiches too.

    My favourite type of bacon sandwich which is made by someone else and comes when some-one out of the blue says “would you like a bacon sandwich?” I love it when that happens.

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