Shrimpy’s, Kings Cross

I wonder if my boss will let us leave at lunchtime so we can enjoy the sunshine?’. Ah, the age old hope we’ve all had since we wished our teachers would hold a lesson outside.

Just like winning the lottery, my pondering on Wednesday – aka the hottest day of the year – amounted to nothing. So as a result, my mind wandered to more realistic things, such as my impending trip to Shrimpy’s – the North American restaurant built in an old King’s Cross filling station.

Relieved by the beautifully air-conditioned restaurant, our first job when we arrived was to look at the drinks menu. The cocktails were reasonably priced at £9 each, but it was the wine poured from individual duck shaped jugs that caught our eye.

I’d already looked at the menu, so ordering was easy – one Soft Shelled Crab Burger. I was hungry, so we also ordered Chicharron with Guacamole and Plantains, Chips & Dips from the ‘snacks’ menu.

I had no idea what Chicharron was, but now I know, I doubt I’d order it again. There aren’t many people in the world who would eat a whole bowl of pork crackling, no matter how much it crackled and popped.

The Plantains, Chips & Dips were fairly ordinary, but did the job of  suppressing our hunger until our main courses arrived.

I gasped in wonderment when my burger showed up. To my eyes, it was a thing of beauty with its lightly toasted bap cradling two crispy deep fried soft shelled crabs, half an avocado and a helping of lettuce. One review I read described it as a rich man’s fish finger sandwich. I think that sums it up as it was just as tasty and satisfying, but felt really quite special.

Around the table, R chose the same as me, but adventurous C opted for the refreshing Hibiscus Lemonade – refreshing yes, tasty, not so much – and the Skirt with Chimichurri.

By ‘Skirt’, I mean steak, not a short skirted woman as that would be weird.  From the look on C’s face, I knew the taste had to be good, but she did remark that it was a little cold.

Walking back to King’s Cross, we discussed our meal and agreed that the atmosphere was fun, the food was tasty, but the price was far, far too high, coming in at £30 a head for what was essentially a main, a couple of glasses of wine and some fairly mediocre ‘snacks’ . So, Shrimpy’s will get a LLE Rating of 6.5/10 from me.

Shrimpy’s, Kings Cross Filling Station, Good’s Way, London N1C 4UR

One response to “Shrimpy’s, Kings Cross

  1. Sounds fun – shame about the price!

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