The Fat of the Land, Marylebone

Marylebone’s latest tapas venture isn’t terrible or great. It lingers in the middle, somewhere between ordinary and slightly disappointing. Five years ago, my view might have been different. But it’s hard to compete with the tasty tapas joints in nearby Soho.

In fairness, we did only try the paella. But if a Spanish restaurant can’t nail that dish, it makes me question what the rest would be like (though probably not enough to go back). We were tired and hungry when our food arrived – not the restaurant’s fault, just a long days work.

The paella didn’t have as much shellfish as I’d have liked, but the real problem was the undercooked rice and lack of seasoning. Not great for the taste buds or the tummy.

What the restaurant lacked in paella making skills, it made up for in charm, good wine, friendly waiters and a pleasant atmosphere, even on a Monday night. But until they up their game on the food front, I will only see it as a  place to go for a drink or two. My LLE rating of 5/10 is probably no surprise to you.

The Fat of the Land, 35 New Cavendish Street, Marylebone, London W1G 9TR

One response to “The Fat of the Land, Marylebone

  1. As I make paella, I will not be going to this restaurant – I will stay at home!

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