Savoy Grill, The Strand

I am writing this 30,000 metres above sea level, an hour and a half delayed and hungry for something other than Ryan Air’s six Euro meal deal. Is this the right moment to think about my lunch at Savoy Grill last Saturday? Possibly not. But, at least it stops me thinking about what would happen if one of the plane’s wings fell off. I’ve never been a good flyer.

I went to Savoy Grill to celebrate my sister’s 30th birthday with my family. Again. As my Dad kept pointing out.

We started  in style with a drink at The American Bar. I warned my dad about the prices, but he must have felt more celebratory than he realised. My choice was predictable – a White Lady. Why risk being disappointed when you know what you love? My mum  and sister followed suit, but Dad struck out on his own and ordered an ever so manly Old Fashioned.

A drink down, we made our way to the restaurant. The staff were attentive and friendly, but I wouldn’t have expected any less from a man who spends his time telling (yelling) restaurateurs where they’ve gone wrong.

Seated in a booth – I do love a booth – we chose from the set menu, which was well priced at £26 per person. For me, it was the Chicken Liver Pâté and Fishcake that jumped off the page and straight into my mouth.

The Chicken Liver Pâté was light as a mousse and smooth as silk. It came with a sweet, tangy chutney and toasted bread I felt no need for.

My main course was stacked up high. On the bottom were courgette ribbons that made a bed for the fat fishcake stuffed with flakes of smoked haddock and chunks of king prawn. This was topped with a semi-runny poached egg and a serving of creamy, mustardy sauce that brought it all together. The sides of spinach and cauliflower cheese were better matched with my parents’ choice of duck confit, but that didn’t stop me reaching for a spoonful of each.

As the main courses were being cleared away, I took the opportunity to pop to the ladies (something I would normally leave out of a review). Where i write ‘pop’, i should say ‘escorted by a handsome Italian waiter’. I told you they were friendly.

The desserts presented me with a hard decision. So, I did what any pudding lover (fatty) would do – insisted everyone got something different (so i could eat them all). My sister put up a fight, complaining that she only wanted to eat the Eton Mess – she’s never liked to share food. The parents had no excuse.

So, it was Eton Mess, Gooseberry Trifle and Chocolate Pave. The Eton Mess was as good as expected, the trifle lacked the punch I’d hoped for and the Pave interested my taste buds with its pairing of Lavender ice-cream.

All thoroughly stuffed, my sister was less determined to hang on to every morsel when her birthday cake materialised. I smiled. A little sibling victory for LLE.

I was surprised to see it was 4pm when we left the restaurant. Time had flown, which I put down to great food, company and those oh so important waiters. For that, I’m giving Savoy Grill a LLE Rating of 9/10.

Savoy Grill, The Savoy, Strand, London WC2R 0EU

7 responses to “Savoy Grill, The Strand

  1. Sound’s like a fantastic meal and a great idea for a 30 Birthday treat and top it off to be shown to the loo by a handsome Italian waiter could not be better.

  2. OMG I am drooling on your blog. Great post and the pictures….

  3. An excellent choice – and I’m glad that it lived up to expectations.

  4. Very enjoyable post. Food sounds great – and I always enjoy a good cocktail!

  5. yummm, I want to go there, I had never thought to try their set meals. Thanks for the recommendation LLE xx

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