Daphne’s, South Kensington

Does anyone else feel at a loss now the games are over? Sure, I have other things to occupy my time, but I miss chatting to strangers about Mo Farah’s victories and seeing ‘Go Team GB’ painted across foreheads as Union Jack flags hang out of ears.

It’s in times like these I turn to food. I not only cook and eat it, I reflect on recent meals that made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. My dinner at Daphne’s is a case in point.

Daphne’s is a smart, white tableclothed Italian in Brompton Cross, between Chelsea and South Kensington. The area sets off price alarm bells. It’s not somewhere to go if you’re not prepared to pay a small food fortune.

When faced with prices like these, The Boyfriend and I share where we can. The menu was divided the Italian way into Antipasti, Paste e Risotti (Primi), Secondi and Dolci.

With our ‘pre-holiday’ sharing hat on, we picked one Antipasti – Beef Carpaccio with Rocket & Artichoke. I knew the flavours would go well together, so there were no surprises with this dish. The portion was perfect for sharers and the effect was delicately simple, which is what you’re after from carpaccio.

The mains were an exception to the sharing rule. We both picked our favourites, which for me was Linguine Alla Vongole and for The Boyfriend was Pappardelle con Ragu di Cinghiale.

You could tell the pasta was made fresh that day as it wasn’t used as a vehicle to carry the sauce. My Linguine was generously doused in clams that flavoured the garlicky sauce perfectly. The Boyfriend also had an ample serving, this time of sweet, tender shredded wild boar.

Before Sicily, I didn’t see how Italians could eat a meat or fish dish after so much pasta and Antipasti. Now I’m back with a stretched stomach, it seems more understandable. Obviously Daphne’s was pre-Sicily, so we skipped Secondi and launched straight into Dolci, sharing Torta al Fromaggio con Frutti di Bosco – a prettier way to say cheesecake.

Pudding really stood out for me. The Boyfriend preferred the traditional set up, but I loved the way the cheesecake had been mixed together a la Eton Mess. The sweet fruity sauce stopped it being dry and the biscuit remained crunchy despite mixing it with the soft creamy goodness.

Daphne’s gets a LLE Rating of 7.5/10. I would have given it more if it weren’t for the prices – our meal with one bottle of wine was nearly £100 – and slightly outdated decor – white tablecloths really aren’t my cup of tea.

2 responses to “Daphne’s, South Kensington

  1. Sounds a great place – but have they got their pricing right? For Chelsea maybe, mais ‘Pour encourager les autres’?

  2. Loved the sound of the food. Not so keen on the price.

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