Negril, Brixton

I fell asleep at Negril. I can’t blame tiredness, the friends I was with or the slow speed of service. I can only blame the food. Well, how much I ate of it.

What did I expect when I ordered a Jerk Chicken Roti Wrap, 1/2 a Jerk Chicken, Rice & Peas and some long, thick bread sticks that tasted like savoury doughnuts? I’m not sure. But what I experienced was the same type fatigue I normally only get on Christmas day.

What really didn’t help was the taste. Flavours and spices I hadn’t tried before, combined with tender chicken and a glass or two of wine – delicious! What’s more, I hardly had to worry about the price like most Brixton joints, Negril lets you bring your own booze.

Negril gets a LLE Rating of 7 / 10. Top tips for visiting: don’t over order, try and book before you go and, if it’s nice weather, sit outside.

One response to “Negril, Brixton

  1. Quite a change from Daphne’s, South Kensington! A little less expensive ….

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