The Balham Lounge…Balham

Quick post on a little gem I came across last night. The Balham Lounge is in…erm…Balham, but isn’t in fact a coffee shop or a full time bar. What it is, is a charming, family run Spanish tapas restaurant that serves great food and has a wonderful atmosphere.

Food wise, I ate what the lovely owners Philippe and Manuela recommended to me – Patatas Bravas (sautéed potatoes in spicy tomato sauce), Camaron al Ajillo (prawns in garlic oil and chilli), Almejas a la Marinera (clams in a spicy white wine and tomato sauce), Pincho de Ternera (beef rump shish kebab) and Chorizo al Vino (you can probably work that one out for yourself).

I wasn’t disappointed by anything. The meat was tender, the potatoes crisp despite the sauce (I’ve had some mushy Patatas Bravas in my time) and the fish, bursting with flavour. The highlight for me were the clams – without noticing, I ate almost all of them, leaving just two for L (sorry!).

For two, it came to £70 for all the above, bread, olives and more Cava than I’d like to admit. What’s not to love? The Balham Lounge gets a LLE Rating of 7.5 / 10 – Balamites, go forth and indulge.

2 responses to “The Balham Lounge…Balham

  1. Sounds great – but I feel sorry for L!

  2. Hmmm…. Though I loathe venturing to Balham. May be worth a trip.

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