Caravan, Kings Cross

Being lost will put a strain on any relationship. When The Boyfriend and I couldn’t find our way round the port in Athens, I complained, he got flustered and bam. We had our first proper argument on the first day of our first holiday. Not ideal.

A few years later and I sensed similar tension when we tried to find Caravan on Saturday night. The restaurant is built in an old grain store across a bridge that’s so new, it doesn’t show up on Google maps. In fairness to Caravan, there are very clear directions on its website, so it’s a shame we didn’t look at them.

Twenty minutes late, we received a friendly welcome at the front desk as if we were bang on time. After a quick and very reasonably priced cocktail at the bar, we went to our table in the middle of a magnificent dining room that felt very cool, without being pretentious.

The menu takes influence from around the globe. There are Italian sourdough pizzas, an Israeli couscous dish, a British lamb chop and very American grits. Fortunately, Caravan gets away with this ambitious array of food and everything we ate was ‘lick the bowl clean’ delicious.

Three of us ordered from the small plates section, two others went for pizza and The Boyfriend’s Atkins style diet demanded Wagyu striploin with horseradish, parsnips and chard from the land of the large plates.

Us small platers went to town with our order. Here’s the list: Chorizo & Butternut Squash Croquettes; New Potato Salad with Duck Egg & Samphire; Goat’s Curd with Nectarine, Braised Onion, Pine Nuts & Cress; Scallop Ceviche; Ox Tongue with Mustard, Honey & Beetroot; Grilled Quail with Chickpea Puree, Sumac & Charred Lemon; Jalapeno Corn Bread with Chilli Butter; Summerhimu Blue Cheese with Figs, Vinacotta & Truffle Oil.

We didn’t hold back, but it felt like the right amount for three people. Highlights for me were the rich croquettes, the crisp corn bread and the citrussy, sharp ceviche, but I’m pleased to say I couldn’t pick holes in any of it.

Our meal was finished off with three desserts to share – a Caramel Pot with Salted Shortbread, Treacle Tart and Affogato al Caffe. Pudding wasn’t as good as main, but after so much rich food, I think my taste buds would have found it hard to pick out any flavours.

I loved Caravan, so am happy to give it a LLE Rating of 8.5 / 10. Between six of us, we got through a mountain of food and booze, so I was pleasantly surprised that the bill only came to £50 pp. Especially when I consider M’s penchant for Expresso Martinis…

Caravan, Granary Building, 1 Granary Square, London N1C 4AA

2 responses to “Caravan, Kings Cross

  1. Sounds a great find – especially on a seefood and eat it diet!

  2. Jalapeño corn bread. Now that sounds tasty… Recipe to follow?

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