Bukowski, Brixton Market

If I could pick one word to sum up last week it would be ‘cereal’. Cereal for breakfast (as usual), cereal for lunch (I couldn’t tear myself from my desk), and cereal for dinner (I got home too late to make a proper meal).

Bored of my Alpen existence, I put two fingers up to cereal on Friday night and went for dinner at Bukowski. Clearly a restaurant for carnivores, Bukowski has a menu of burgers, ribs, steak and pulled pork. The pork caught my eye, accompanied by a serving of prawn and crayfish popcorn and fried livers.

The liver was the best of the two. Rich, firm and covered in crisp batter. The popcorn didn’t have the strong fish flavour I’d hoped for, but as usual, that didn’t hold me back.

My pulled Chicano Pulled Pork was tender and juicy, with a delicious hint of orange coming through from the marinade. I was impressed.

The boyfriends Grilled Pork Back Ribs were equally good, coming with a mountain of delicately fried, sweet and crispy onions. He wished for sauce, but I would have been happy with his lot.

I could tell from the silence next to me that DB’s Grilled Beef Short Ribs were going down well, not that I had a chance to try them for myself…

I can’t ignore the chips either. Chunky and fantastically cooked in beef dripping. Chippys take note – this really works.

The bill for food, a few bottles of cider, wine and a couple of ‘spiked’ milkshakes came to £27.50 each with tip. Prices and food I like, so Bukowski gets a LLE rating of 8 / 10.

Bukowski, Unit 10, Market Row, Brixton Market, SW9 8JX (also available in Shoreditch)

One response to “Bukowski, Brixton Market

  1. Certainly beats an Alpen existence!

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