Chicken Shop, Kentish Town

Today I rushed at work because I had to. Today I rushed at dinner because I was told to. Yes, after just 45 minutes eating tasty chicken, fresh avocado salad, buttery corn on the cob and a wonderful slice of apple pie, our waiter at Chicken Shop asked us to finish our drinks and leave.

You might think we’d done something wrong. Got embarrassingly drunk and danced on the table perhaps. Think again. Instead, the speediest restaurant on record thought it was ok to ask us to give up our seats after less than an hour when all we wanted to do was sit, chat and reflect on our busy lives.

So, I’ll keep this post brief as I think it’s what Chicken Shop would have wanted. The food was great, the prices were even better, the waiters were friendly (even giving us an extra large piece of pie), but the rush at the end was inexcusable.

I left work at 7pm. Travelled to the other side of London and back. I’m home at 10pm. Enough said.

LLE Rating 5 / 10.

Chicken Shop, 76 Highgate Road, London NW5 1TL

3 responses to “Chicken Shop, Kentish Town

  1. Rediculous! Should rename their cafe/shop ‘Chicken Run’! Surprised you gave them 50%!

  2. V good post – you are amazingly polite.

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