The Refinery, Southwark

I’m having a serious case of restaurant bad luck. I can’t afford to eat out and when I do, I’m either asked to leave (ahem Chicken Shop), or told I’ll have to wait three hours for a table. Damn you Bubbledogs and your trendy no booking policy. You’ll be sorry when the reservation revolution comes.

Hotdogs and Champagne would have been the subject of this post. But that will have to wait. Instead I’ll tell you about a reliable restaurant near my work that has lots of lovely chairs, tables and computers with calendars.

The Refinery is part of a chain, open for breakfast, brunch, lunch, coffee, dinner and drinks. How very useful. How very unusual. Its menu is big, covering off sandwiches, salads, nibbles, baked potatoes, steaks, burgers and other main courses. I went at lunchtime and chose the Californian Hot Smoked Salmon Salad. So would you if you thought you’d be indulging in an unhealthy hot dog that evening.

It wasn’t mind blowing, but it definitely delivered. The salmon was moist like a fish should be, the salad was crunchy and, when paired with the teriyaki dressing, it was enough to make me go mmmm.

The others had sandwiches. One with a filling of steak and the other with Henson’s salt beef. I’m not sure who Henson is, but both dishes certainly seemed to make the two of them feel happy and satisfied. Top of the order list was the homemade lemonade, which looked like it was one of George’s Marvellous Medicines.

For its stress free service and the crucial fact you can book, eat and drink at your leisure, The Refinery gets a LLE rating of 6.5/10.

The Refinery, 110 Southwark Street, London SE1 0TF

3 responses to “The Refinery, Southwark

  1. Bubbledogs is another place which has lost its purpose – the customer! That said, The Refinery ‘done good’.
    Perhaps you should now add another rating, beyond the score? Why not add a smiley face which will express how you felt about the whole experience.

  2. Sounds like lovely comfort food

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