Le Relais de Venise, Marylebone

How do you like your steak? For me, somewhere between Medium Rare and Rare. Perhaps you could call that Medium Rare Rare. Or, perhaps you could call me too picky.

The waitress at Le Relais de Venise was having none of my steak fussiness when I went last Friday. This had nothing to do with the fact we arrived at 10.30pm. Instead, it had everything to do with the fact that this steak joint – also known as L’Entrecote – only serves steak Well Done, Medium, Rare or Blue. No arguments.

They also only serve steak. Juicy, sliced steak, which comes with a deliciously peppery cream sauce and a mountain of frites. Oh, and before that, you get a simple salad, dressed with a mustard vinaigrette and the odd walnut.

The best bit? Once you’ve devoured everything on your plate, the waitress promptly pops over to give you another portion. Now that’s my kind of restaurant.

Without wine, or pudding, your bill will come to a very reasonable £21 per person. I haven’t been to the other branches, but there is always a long queue outside the one in Marylebone. Don’t let this put you off – it moves quickly and what’s inside, is worth the wait.

Le Relais de Venise gets a LLE Rating 8 / 10. Its no frills attitude and speedy service makes it the ideal spot for any hungry meat eater looking for nothing but…steak.

Le Relais de Venise,  120 Marylebone Lane, London, W1U 2QG

4 responses to “Le Relais de Venise, Marylebone

  1. Sounds the ideal place to convert a vegetarian!

  2. That sounds rather tasty to me! There definitely seems to be a rise in no-muss no-fuss restaurants in London.

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