Archirondel Beach Cafe, Jersey

What are your desert island foods? What would your last meal be? If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life…

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have answered these questions a million times. If you’re anything like me, crab will always crop up in your answer.

I like eating crab the fuss free way. I pick it straight from the shell and enjoy it with a torn off piece of crusty baguette, lightly smeared in butter. But, if I’m feeling really lazy – and just so happen to be in Jersey – I like eating crab ready picked and sandwiched between two slices of brown bread at Archirondel Beach Cafe.

In this small, no-frills cafe, you will find the tastiest and most generous crab sandwiches on the island (and possibly, THE WORLD). Each triangle bursts with white crab meat that doesn’t need a fancy sauce to give it flavour. It costs around a fiver, which is amazing as you get to eat it whilst looking at this…

There’s plenty of other seafood on the menu if you don’t share my obsession with crab – check out the prawns my sister got – so if you ever find yourself on this lovely island, head to the north-east corner for a pleasant surprise.

Archirondel Beach Cafe, Archirondel Beach, Jersey, Channel Islands

2 responses to “Archirondel Beach Cafe, Jersey

  1. I will definitely be going there when I am next in Jersey. I far prefer crab to lobster as it has so much more flavour.

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