The Joint, Brixton

There are four TV screens in my gym. One plays Sky News, one plays BBC 1, one plays some boring football channel and the other? It plays Food Network.

I thought it was a one off at first. A new way to torture gym bunnies perhaps. But as I watched Nigella chow down on a gooey chocolate brownie whilst pacing up and down trying to believe I was having more fun, I realised the significance. This was a sign of the times. Proof that food truly is on the nation’s menu, at home, in restaurants, on TV, splattered across billboards and now, in the gym.

Brixton is a case in point. Not only does it house my beloved ‘foodie’ gym, it’s bursting with food – on the street, at the markets and in the village. I’m slowly blogging my way round the village and my most recent visit took me to a new BBQ restaurant called The Joint.

As with all good spots in Brixton Village, The Joint was rammed and a BYO. Luckily, we arrived as a table became free and came prepared, bringing a bag of wine and beers from the nearby off licence.

The menu was made up of steps. Step One – pick a bap or a wrap. Step Two – pick your meat (pulled pork or shredded chicken). Step Three – pick a sauce (BBQ sauce, coleslaw & candied apple smoked bacon OR Asian BBQ sauce, fresh chilli, spring onions & coleslaw).  The only people that don’t get a choice are veggies. For them, it’s grilled vegetable wraps with salsa and guacamole. Sounds nice, but hardly beats BBQ’d meat.

The first two steps were easy. The bap was made on site so a must have and the pulled pork, well that’s just a ‘must have’. Step three posed a challenge. The Boyfriend et al went traditional, but I struck out on my own and chose the Asian twist (I’ve always been the most adventurous).

The bap was a treat in itself. Sweet, spongy and lightly browned, it reminded me of brioche and perfectly complimented the equally sweet, juicy pork. My step three was pretty spicy, which made an interesting, but not unpleasant change.

Sensible people might have stopped there, but we were hungry so ordered four sides – two lots of BBQ chicken (one with mint and the other with chilli and spring onions), onion rings and BBQ ribs.

I couldn’t really tell the difference between each type of chicken, but the meat was tender and the sauce syrupy and sticky. The ribs were also pretty tasty, but surprisingly, it was the crisp onion rings I liked the most – probably because they made a welcome change to the other mega saucy sides.

The meat was good, the staff friendly, the baps tremendous and the cost unbeatable at £10 a head. So, The Joint gets a LLE Rating of 7.5 / 10.

The Joint, Brixton Village, Brixton

4 responses to “The Joint, Brixton

  1. Sounds great value – and I like the BYO concept. When I am next in Brixton Village, I will give it a go!

  2. Went to The Joint today this evening, it was really great food. We got our bill whilst we were still finishing eating. Think the waiter was quite rude, told us others were waiting in the queue for us to leave. Yet others were there well before us just finishing up their drinks. Great food but rudeness generally is a turn off for me so will go elsewhere as it left the evening with a bad taste.

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