Dishoom, Covent Garden

Here’s a piece of trivia – Dishoom is the sound you hear in an old Bollywood movie when the hero lands a good punch. You could say it’s similar to the Batman  “POW!” and “WHAM!” captions. You know, back in 1960 when Robin wore tights, The Joker was funny and Bane’s bizarre voice was all but a nightmare.


Dishoom is also a type of mojo (She’s got that Dishoom! is the example used) and the name of two Bombay Cafes in London.


I went to the Covent Garden Dishoom with friends last Wednesday. There are no bookings for tables less than six, so we picked up our buzzer and headed to the bar for a Bollybellini or two.

photo 9

When our buzzer started singing and dancing, C’s eye’s lit up. “It’s food time” he growled and ran hungry like the wolf to our table. We decided to share everything, starting with a couple of small plates – Far Far and Chilli Cheese Toast.

photo 10

The Far Far were like quavers at a festival, salty, crisp and colourful. The toast was oozing with cheese, with just a little kick from the chilli. Apparently you can order it any time of the day. Could be dangerous…

photo 1

For mains, we went for Paneer Tikka, Masala Prawns and Sheekh Kabab from the Grills section, a Kacchi Lamb Biryani, the House Black Daal, some Dishoom Slaw, a couple of Naan and a bowl of Classic Raita.

photo 7

Believe me, it sounds as good as it tasted. Everything was well cooked, seasoned and in plentiful supply.

photo 8

The House Black Daal had the most Dishoom in my opinion. I ate it like soup. Spoonful after spoonful of thick, saucy lentils. Probably explains my stomach ache the next day. But it was worth it.

photo 5

After all that, even the wolf had no room for pudding, so it was Chocolate Chai all round. Pret, Starbucks and Costa take note – this spicy, sweet, chocolatey drink set me up perfectly for the sub zero temperatures outside.

photo 3

I really loved Dishoom. It had a brilliant atmosphere, modern decor and interesting food. I feel like I’ve already found my favourites and I haven’t even tried half the menu. So for that, a LLE Rating of 8/10 seems appropriate.

Dishoom, 12 Upper St. Martin’s Lane, London WC2H 9FB

2 responses to “Dishoom, Covent Garden

  1. Sounds and looks excellent – a must!
    Separately, as you are into trivia, if you Google ‘Dishoom’ you get 267,000 hits. In particular, I like the sound Bolywood uses when a man falls down the stairs, and I quote: DISHOOMDISHOOMDISHOOMDISHOOMDISHOOM…

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