Fez Mangal, Ladbroke Grove

For me, a kebab shop falls into the same category as McDonald’s – I will only ever go into one if I’ve been out drinking, dancing and not eating. Just so you know, Chicken Cottage, its other clucky cousins and random late night takeaways are completely avoided.

Fez Mangal

Well, that was until recently, when L took me on a trip to Fez Mangal. Before you think our ‘trip’ took us all the way to Turkey, we actually wound up very near her house in Ladbroke Grove (alright for some).

As we walked in, there was a hot and fiery kitchen on our left, photos of celebs that had recently visited on our right (Orlando Bloom’s been there don’t you know) and tables seating a relaxed crowd in front of us.

photo 3

L had booked, so we made our way to our table and promptly ordered some slightly greasy, yet utterly edible, stuffed vine leaves and a few portions of sweet, spongy pitta and smooth, oiled hummus.

photo 4

I looked at the extensive kebab menu over a glass of shop bought wine (yes, there really are B.Y.Os in Notting Hill) and went for a simple Lamb Shish, which came with its own portion of rice and salad.

photo 1

I have to say I was impressed by the lamb. It wasn’t as tender as I’d have liked, but it had a lovely smoked BBQ flavour and was in no way over cooked or lavished in grease. The rice and salad was nothing special, but did feel a lot healthier than a bowl of chips would have done.

What’s more, all our food – plus shelter from the cold – came to less than £15 each with tip. I can certainly see why Orlando likes it, but would he agree with my LLE Rating of 6 / 10? I guess that’s something I’ll never know.

Fez Mangal, 104 Ladbroke Grove, London W11 1PY

4 responses to “Fez Mangal, Ladbroke Grove

  1. I thought you were going to be in Morocco (Fez/Fes) – more geography – then I remembered that a Mangal was Turkish for BBQ and that the Fez (or Tarboosh) was a felt hat! All of that said, looks cheap and cheerful – good value.
    Finally, I went to the Tarboosh Restaurant, in Reading, the other day – worth a try if you are passing through.

  2. Wow – you’re so lucky to have a friend like L who takes you to such wonderful places near her home. She sounds delightful!

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