Lazy Bones, Farringdon

Some people are born lazy – FACT. My source? A study by Missouri University published this week. Although not a person, Lazy Bones in Farringdon is in no way lazy, idle or sloth-like. Instead, it’s upbeat, energetic and loud, but perhaps I’m missing the point…

photo 5

Perhaps Lazy Bones is a restaurant for those with less active tendancies? When I saw the menu on Tuesday night, it confirmed my suspicions – this was a menu for people wanting to feel lazy. This was a menu stuffed full of pulled, torn and fried meat, along with cheese covered fries. Not exactly the formula for an ‘active’ lifestyle.

photo 2

I arrived first and was quickly seated in the three-quarter full, American-style diner. Almost instantly, a waiter bounded over to me with a box of plain popcorn, telling me to visit ‘the lady with the shining eyes’ to pick my topping.

photo 1

I was a little scared to meet this ‘lady’, so felt relieved to see a woman with bulbs for eyes painted on the wall. Nevertheless, I sprinkled my toppings quickly – Ranch and Cheddar – and ran back to my table, away from Medusa’s sister.

photo 3

Drinks and food were ordered from the bar and made in the SLOW MEAT / FALAFEL ‘van’/open kitchen. Ignoring the wings, dogs and veggie options, I went for Chilli Brisket with Crushed Guacamole (Β£7.50), along with Smothered Fries (Β£3.50 REG).

photo 2-1

Two things suprised me about my meal – the speed at which it arrived (no complaints there, I knew it was 6-hour cooked) and the size. For me, it was perfect, but for a lazybones / male, extra sides would need to be ordered.

photo 1-1

Taste-wise, the meat was juicy, tender and delicious, with a warming kick of chilli and a lovely dollop of guacamole. Unusually, it came with two pieces of thick toast, which made a welcome change from a run of the mill bap. The chips were cheeeeesy, crisp and satisfying, just as they should be.

photo 4

We stuck around for a while afterwards, which was testament to the restaurant’s atmosphere. The music was loud without being annoying, playing everything from the classics, to those that needed shazamming.

Overall, I’ll give Lazy Bones a LLE Rating of 7 / 10. Although the portions were a little small, everything I ate, drank and listened to, left me wanting more.

Lazy Bones, Unit 5, Cowcross Street, London EC1M 6DQ

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2 responses to “Lazy Bones, Farringdon

  1. Uncomplicated – just got to make the effort to get out of bed and go!

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