Panino Giusto, Nr. Bank

Italian paninis – or paninos – are not as we know it. They are tall, not flat. They are cold, not hot. The cheese is solid, not melted. Or so I’ve been told…


Newly launched Milanese restaurant Panino Giusto serves 30 different types of panini to the people of London. You’ll also find less ‘bready’ dishes on the menu, along with a substantial list of organic Italian wines.

I was there for a panini dinner last week, starting with the Giusto (£5.80), filled with 24 month aged, cured Praga Ham (specially made for the restaurant), anchovy, mozzarella, tomato and mustard.


It was a far cry from the warm, oozing panini I’d grown accustomed to, but I was open to change and couldn’t deny the fresh, fragrant flavours of the Giusto.

Next up was the Garabaldino (£6.80), featuring a lean Braesola from Valtellina, flat and large leaf rocket, our old friends tomato and mozzarella, black pepper and a good drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


This panino certainly had gusto, due to the aromatic rocket that permeated all other ingredients. Clearly the large and flat rocket combo was working.


The best was definitely left ’til last. Two year aged Proscuitto, tomato, rocket, brie and Alba truffle oil made up the Tartufo (£7.80), the smell of which filled my nostrils with every bite. It was the panini for the greedy Londoner. It was the panini for me.


After three paninis, came Tiramisu (£5.80)…and a hot chocolate. It wasn’t the prettiest pudding I’d seen, but it was light as air, with a well thought out coffee to cream, chocolate and sponge ratio. The hot chocolate was divine. Possibly the best I’ve tasted. I’ll definitely be back for more.

If you’re a fan of paninis, paninos, sandwiches (dare I say it) or hot chocolate, this is the restaurant for you. They also do takeaway, making it a perfect pitstop for a lunchtime bite.

Panino Giusto, 1-3 Royal Exchange Building, EC3V 3LR

2 responses to “Panino Giusto, Nr. Bank

  1. Quality at a resaonable price!

  2. They look delicious and made my mouth water.

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