Kulu Kulu, Soho

If you find yourself in Soho, hungry, take a walk to Brewer Street where you’ll find Kulu Kulu – a no frills sushi bar that will feed you in a matter of minutes.


Just like Yo Sushi, the food at Kulu Kulu arrives on a conveyer belt. Fortunately, that’s the only similarity. Here, the sushi is more ambitious (I definitely saw soft shell crab on the tracks), the prices are cheaper and the staff friendlier.


£10 will get you around three or four plates, depending on the ingredients and complexity of the dish. You can also order delicious Miso Soup for £1.95 and, if you’re already sure of your favourites, a platter ranges from £5.80 to £41.40 (we had 16 pieces of Sashimi for £11).


Drinks wise, there’s a small selection of wines, beers and soft drinks, along with complimentary green tea throughout the meal.


So what’s not to love? Kulu Kulu is never going to be Nobu, Roka or SushiSamba, but it’ll certainly satisfy niggling hunger pangs with its convenient, affordable and tasty range of sushi. For that, Kulu Kulu gets a LLE Rating of 6.5/10.

Kulu Kulu, 76 Brewer Street, Piccadilly Circus, London, W1F 9TU 

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One response to “Kulu Kulu, Soho

  1. Sounds cheap and cheerful – worth a go.

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