Ben’s Pizza, New York


As much as I love London’s sourdough pizza craze, nothing – and I mean nothing – beats a slice of New York’s finest.


For less than $4, you can get a massive slice of wonderfully cheesy pizza that will make you wonder why you’ve ever eaten anything else.


We grabbed a couple of slices from Ben’s Pizza in SoHo. The options were endless, but we kept it simple with a thin crust Margherita and a thick Sicilian, freshly made on the premises.


We ate our pizza sitting by a basketball court in the sunshine. Each piece had a crisp base and a delightfully gooey filling. It was so American and so, so delicious.


Not much more to say, other than go, eat and enjoy.

Ben’s Pizza, 177 Spring St,  New York, NY 10012

One response to “Ben’s Pizza, New York

  1. Looks and sounds great, but how does it compare with a Pizza from Naples?

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