Ben’s Pizza, New York


As much as I love London’s sourdough pizza craze, nothing – and I mean nothing – beats a slice of New York’s finest.


For less than $4, you can get a massive slice of wonderfully cheesy pizza that will make you wonder why you’ve ever eaten anything else.


We grabbed a couple of slices from Ben’s Pizza in SoHo. The options were endless, but we kept it simple with a thin crust Margherita and a thick Sicilian, freshly made on the premises.


We ate our pizza sitting by a basketball court in the sunshine. Each piece had a crisp base and a delightfully gooey filling. It was so American and so, so delicious.


Not much more to say, other than go, eat and enjoy.

Ben’s Pizza, 177 Spring St, ย New York, NY 10012

One response to “Ben’s Pizza, New York

  1. Looks and sounds great, but how does it compare with a Pizza from Naples?

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