Tacombi, New York

Tacos were high on my NY Bucket List, so when The Boyfriend’s Aunt recommended Tacombi in Nolita, it was the obvious place for lunch on our last day in the Big Apple.


Tacombi is stripped back to reveal concrete floors, metal tables and chairs, crates of beer and a steel taco van ‘driven’ by two Mexican chefs. It has a bustling ‘street food’ vibe, with enough space so you don’t have to wait too long.


Yet again, we ordered less than recommended, but still ended up with too much food. From the taco menu, we went for Pollo (chicken at $3.95), Pork Belly ($5.49), Barbacoa (a Caribbean way of cooking meat, coming in at $5.49) and Crispy Fish ($4.49).



Each juicy taco excited my tastebuds with well seasoned, spicy meat, fresh herbs and crispy vegetables. That, and a strongly flavoured corn tortilla pulling everything together.


On the side, we had average Ceviche ($5.49) and the star of our meal, Corn Esquites ($3.85) – beautifully sweet toasted corn, with lime and a thick chipotle mayo. Put simply, it was divine.


Our meal at Tacombi was one of the cheapest and best we had in New York City. By the look on everyone’s faces, I could tell they felt the same. This was delicious food, worth having time and time again.

Tacombi, 267 Elizabeth Street, NY 10012

One response to “Tacombi, New York

  1. Looks like a great place – and not too expensive!

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