Parish Hall, Brooklyn, New York

We spent one of our NY days in Brooklyn, just across the Hudson River from Manhattan (for those of you as geographically unaware as me). Our first stop was Parish Hall, an uber cool, white washed restaurant that serves brunch, lunch, dinner and, from what I’ve heard, fantastic cocktails.


From the Brunch menu, Red Flannel Hash was a delightful mix of marinated beetroot (or beets as they’re called in the States), roast potatoes, Swiss chard, corned beef and two eggs, which I ordered poached. It was a combination like no other, but one I really enjoyed as it managed to feel clean, light and healthy, despite the fattier ingredients.


The far heavier Patty Melt was two slices of rye bread stuffed with grass fed beef and lamb bacon, landaff cheese, grilled onions and a portion of yummy curly fries. Dripping with meat and melted cheese, it was robust, bold and the perfect choice for the hungry hipster to my left.


On the website, Parish Hall confidently displays its mission statement. My favourite point can be summed up as follows:

“Parish Hall aims to give give people a ‘transformative’ experience so they leave feeling satisfied, refreshed, creatively energised and happy.”

Now I know you’re thinking ‘wow that’s hipster’, but after two hours in Parish Hall, I could feel myself coming round to the idea. I really did feel transformed in mind, body and soul. But on reflection, I probably just felt very full, very relaxed and very happy.

Parish Hall, 109a North 3rd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11249

2 responses to “Parish Hall, Brooklyn, New York

  1. Mission Statements – who needs them! Just give me good food!

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