A. Wong, Victoria

A. Wong is a man. A man who creates beautiful Chinese food, has given me somewhere to eat in Victoria and – most importantly – won’t make me pay through the roof to enjoy it.


You’ll find his restaurant on Wilton Road, just ten minutes walk from the station. The smart, modern interior has a fashionable open kitchen that looks out onto al fresco seating. The food ranges from Dim Sum and Peking Duck, to noodles and regional Chinese dishes.


Friday lunch started with a Prawn Cracker (£1.50) from the a la carte menu. When it arrived, I knew our meal would be special. This was no ordinary cracker. Instead, it was a magnificent, sesame infused cracker topped with crispy seaweed, spiced chutney, sweet chilli sauce and refreshing chunks of cucumber.


Next came the Dim Sum. Clear Shrimp Dumpling (£1.30) with sweet chilli sauce and citrus foam made me wish for more, Pork & Prawn Dumpling (£1.30) burst with flavour, topped with a lovely piece of salty pork crackling, and a Quail’s Egg Croquette Puff (£1.75) was wonderfully original, enhanced by an egg cup of garlic oil.


The Baked Roasted Pork Buns (£1.50 each) were different to the soft, fluffy Chinese buns I’m used to. Best described as a savoury doughnut, it came complete with a coating of sugar and a sweet, pork filling.


Two bowls of Scotch Beef Rump Fried Noodles finished us off. Just like the rest, it excelled in flavour, with each silky noodle coated in a rich, gingery sauce dotted with pieces of beef, plenty of bean sprouts and bright green spring onions.


Attention to detail sets A. Wong apart from other Chinese restaurants. The dishes are interesting and inventive – even prawn crackers get the special treatment.

Next time I’ll try the eight course ‘Taste of China’ menu, priced at a very reasonable, yet slightly strange, £38.88 per head. In the meantime, I’ll give A. Wong a LLE Rating of 8.5 / 10. 

A. Wong, 70 Wilton road, Victoria, London SW1V 1DE

A. Wong on Urbanspoon

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  1. Sounds amazing – and experimental!

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