The Rum Kitchen, Notting Hill

We went to The Rum Kitchen to drink. But all that changed when we saw the Caribbean menu, so most of our pennies were spent on food. A typical day in the life of Little Lady Eats.


Located on All Saints Road in Notting Hill, the large, open plan restaurant is bright and colourful with wooden floors, walls, tables and a long bar at one end. The staff are infectiously bubbly, eager to tell you about the food and cocktails so you too hold their enthusiasm.


We were in between lunch and dinner, so stuck to starters. Saltfish Fritters with grilled lime ‘n’ chilli jam (£8.50) was a favourite, with each doughy, spicy ball as moreish than the last. The Jerk Chicken Wings (£6.50) were sticky, sweet and very hot – a house speciality that’s finger lickin’ good.


Also devoured were Salt ‘n’ Chilli Squid with aioli (£7.50), which weren’t as memorable as the other two, but still tasty. A bowl of Plantain & Chilli Dip (£4) was ok – the plantain were their usual bland selves, jazzed up by a salty coating and spicy dip.


The Rum Kitchen is a great place for birthdays – it’s lively, vibrant and serves soulful food and yummy cocktails. Just remember to invite friends that like a bit of spice – there’s a definite ‘chilli’ theme running through the menu.


It’s hard to rate a restaurant when you’ve only had starters, one cocktail and a side dish, but for what I ate, along with the cheery staff, I will give The Rum Kitchen an upbeat LLE Rating of 7 / 10.

The Rum Kitchen, 6-8 All Saints Road, London, W11 1HH

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2 responses to “The Rum Kitchen, Notting Hill

  1. Sound like it is worth a go – especially as I like spicy food!

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