Honey & Co., Fitzrovia

Honey & Co didn’t get off to the best start when they forgot our booking. But after a quick reshuffle – and the promise of free wine – we were soon seated in the small, no frills restaurant packed with happy Londoners laughing the night away.

We decided to go with the set menu, which for £26 each gave us a selection of ‘luxury’ mezze to start and a main course each. As an added extra, we also ordered Chicken Liver Baklava (£7.50) – a wise decision by Crump Eats.

Then the wait began. We sat for twenty-five minutes before some – but not all – of our mezze arrived. Another faux pas by Honey & Co., but one the food helped us forget.


I enjoyed every mezze – my favourites being the crisp Jerusalem Falafel and Burnt Courgette Dip, which had the most deliciously smoky flavour. The Chicken Liver Baklava was wonderfully meaty, sweetened by the grape molasses. I should have kept that dish to myself.


We decided to share each main, starting with Lamb & Aubergine Moussaka (£13.50), which was fragrant and light, but didn’t have enough cheesy béchamel for me.


The Royal Mansaf (£14.50) was by far the better lamb dish. The slow cooked meat fell apart and paired wonderfully with the saffron rice, almonds and juicy golden raisins.


We also enjoyed the Mushahan (£13.50), which was slow cooked chicken based in flat bread with pomegranate and currants…


…but we regretted our decision to try Kibbe Selek (£13.50). Honey & Co. recommends you try it ‘at least once’. I disagree, unless thick semolina dumplings with a tiny beef filling floats your boat. That said, the ‘crazy beetroot soup’ was interesting and had a rich, earthy flavour.


Dessert was Pistachio Cake. Beautifully nutty, it disappeared in the blink of an eye, satisfying every sweet tooth around the table.


When the bill arrived we realised Honey & Co.’s third and final mistake. Two mezze dishes hadn’t arrived – Fig & Goat Cheese Salad and Warm Artichoke Hearts. Dessert was taken off the bill, but we all felt disappointed not to try two of the most tempting options.

Most of the food was excellent and I loved the overall vibe, but there were three too many mistakes at Honey & Co., bringing my LLE Rating down to 6.5 /10.

Honey & Co., 25a Warren Street, London W1T 5LZ

2 responses to “Honey & Co., Fitzrovia

  1. I can forgive one oversight. Being Christian, you could forgive a second. Unfortunately, a third falling smacks of a lack of attention to detail and is not professional. I’ll give it a miss.

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