Octagon Dining Room, Marylebone

I’ve to-d and fro-d about writing this. The restaurant’s in Home House, so unless you have membership – or know someone that does – it’s unlikely you’ll go. Then again, I made it in, so I guess anything’s possible.

photo 4

The Octagon Dining Room is one of two restaurants in this exclusive private members club, famed for an eclectic clientele and fabulously avant-garde parties. The room is golden, sleek and relatively small, with soporific velvet armchairs and black, stone tables that nod towards the Asian fusion menu. Over head is a beautiful 1820s ceiling – a splendid contrast to what’s at eye-level.

photo 3

Sitting in luxury, we nibbled Edamame Beans, drank Sancerre and perused the menu. Our order was simple – a special sushi platter to share (£20), three Black Cod with a Miso-Mirin Marinade (£31 each) and sides of Steamed Jasmine Rice, Pak Choi and Baked Aubergine at £3 per dish.

photo 1

The fresh sushi platter combined California Rolls with Prawn Tempura & Avocado, Salmon & Avocado, Futo Maki, Salmon Nigiri and Tuna Roll. I’m a sashimi fan, but couldn’t deny the depth of flavour and meticulous preparation.

photo 1-1

It was my second time eating Black Cod and yet again it blew me away. Each sweet, succulent flake melted like butter in my mouth. It ruined any chance of remembering the sides – they were superfluous to my dish of dreams.


I had the Jivara Chocolate “Pot” with Cherry Compote & Green Tea Curls for dessert (£7). It was deliciously chocolatey and maintained the meal’s artistic attention to detail.

photo 2-1

The Octagon Dining Room gets a LLE Rating of 7/10. It looses points for exclusivity, but gains many for the beautiful Black Cod. See you again dear fish.

Octagon Dining Room, Home House, 20 Portman Square, London W1H 6LW

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  1. Looks good – I will now await an invitation……….

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