MASH, Soho

I felt sorry for MASH. I went three days after my magnificent meal at CUT, so it didn’t stand a chance in the Battle of the Steaks.


To make it fair, I’ve deliberately left enough time between both meals before writing my ‘non-biased’ review. Gone are my memories of CUT with its glorious bread, glistening meat and gorgeous puddings. My focus is now – entirely – on MASH.


We were there for its 1st birthday, partly to celebrate, partly to enjoy 50% off its huge list of steaks. The smiley, handsome waiter sat us in a leather booth at one end of the dramatic, chandeliered basement and quickly persuaded us to order a rather expensive bottle of red. Damn him and his good looks!


We skipped starters and went straight to mains. The Uruguayan 300g Ribeye caught my eye (£29 full price), served with sides of fries, mushrooms and indulgent Mac ‘n’ Cheese (£4.50 each).


We shared accompaniments and sauces – Bearnaise, Pepper and Red Wine (all at £2.50). I shouldn’t really say this, but the sauces were almost double the price of those at CUT. My first and last comparison, I promise.


The steak itself was full flavoured, juicy and cooked as requested. It was also gristly, so not completely wonderful. The sides were fine and I did enjoy the macaroni, but could only manage a small spoonful.


We were too full for dessert (rare for me), so paid the bill, lifted our weary bodies and made our way home.

MASH gets a LLE Rating of 6/10. The food was decent, but if it wasn’t for the 50% deal on steaks, I’d have felt ripped off. I’d rather go back to CUT. There, I said it.

MASH, 77 Brewer Street, London W1F 9ZN

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2 responses to “MASH, Soho

  1. At the end of the day, it takes approx 6 minutes to cook a steak (depending on how rare you like it/thickness etc). It isn’t ‘Rocket Science’. Therefore, if it was gristly they are not selecting the right cuts. At £29 – which is what they usually charge – they should attend to this. Quality Steak + Able Chef = Satisfaction. Poor Quality Steak + Excellent Chef = Complaint. They should be aiming for a ‘Cut Above’!

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