MEATmission, Hoxton

I wrote about MEATliquor in 2011, so will keep this post brief. The menu at MEATmission is very similar – deep fried pickles reign supreme (a bargain at £3.50) and there are more burgers than you can throw your patty at.

photo 5

But, it’s a darn sight nicer inside. Housed in an old church, it has high ceilings, vibrant stained glass windows, a Dj Booth and a round central bar. It’s cleaner, airier and cooler; I didn’t leave feeling like I’d just joined the pickles in the deep fat fryer.

photo 3

Plus, you can book! That’s right my friends, there will be no queuing in the rain as you inhale burger steam bellowing out from the kitchen. There will be no arguments when your friends show up late making you miss your table. This is a restaurants with morals.

photo 2

Food wise, I decided to branch out with a healthy Halloumi burger – it was January after all (£7). Yummy and enormous, it was made up of three giant slabs of cheese burst out of two buns, smothered with mushrooms, red onion, lettuce, mustard & ketchup.

photo 1

We shared Gravy Fries (£6), which was a mound of chips topped with caramelised onions and gravy. It reminded me of the last, gravy drenched roast potato you can’t quite fit in. Soggy, mushy, yet wickedly tasty.

MEATmission gets a LLE Rating of 7/10. It’s far nicer than MEATliquor, so the only place I’ll go for a dirty burger and a side of juicy pickles.

MEATmission, 14-15 Hoxton Market, London, N1 6HG 

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6 responses to “MEATmission, Hoxton

  1. Yummy! This has made me hungry! X

  2. Sounds like great ‘comfort food’.

  3. Yum! I’ll have to take a trip down here soon.

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