The Gate, Angel

Can’t imagine life without meat or fish? Then go to The Gate for vegetable dishes that would beat lasagne to a pulp.


The Islington branch is spacious, bright and colourful. I went on a busy Thursday evening and struggled to choose between the spread of ‘Indo-Iraqi Jewish’ dishes. Settling with the aubergine schnitzel (£13.75), I was eating within five minutes, making me wonder if it’d been ‘warmed up’ in the microwave.


Three, golden crumbed slices of aubergine created a pyramid around a square of potato dauphinoise. To the side sat a pile of crispy curly kale, sprinkled with sugar and fried in a little too much oil for my liking. The schnitzel combined meaty aubergine with silky red peppers and strong cheddar cheese. It was a robust combination that I enjoyed down to the very last bite.


I shared three scoops of ice cream with L – perfectly pleasant (£4.50), but not made on site, so no need to dwell. R was nailing her Stem Ginger Sponge Pudding (£6), keeping quiet until every bit of toffee sauce was licked from the plate.

The Gate won’t be for everyone – some of my friends wouldn’t dream of going to a meatless restaurant. But I found it interesting and surprisingly wholesome, so give it a LLE rating of 7/10.

The Gate, 370 St John Street, London EC1V 4NN

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2 responses to “The Gate, Angel

  1. It would not be for me. Vegetables need to accompany meat!

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