Cooking with Rachel Khoo


Ever since I watched the first episode of The Little Paris Kitchen in 2012, I’ve been a fan of Rachel Khoo. I admired her brave decision to leave her job, friends and family in London to become a chef in Paris. I also loved her quirky style and amazing ability to make the most of a kitchen so tiny, you’d struggle to boil an egg in it, let alone cook dinner for the world’s smallest restaurant (which also happened to be in her sitting room).


Fast forward two years and she’s published four cookbooks (two French, two English), landed herself a column in the Evening Standard and made two successful TV series, with not one, but two new shows due to start tomorrow night (details below). As you can probably tell, I’m a little bit in awe of this lady, so you can imagine my answer when invited to join a group of bloggers to cook with Rachel Khoo on Thursday night.


We had a brilliant evening, making two Swedish dishes taken from Rachel’s new show -Spatzle and Smörgåstårta (three days on and I still can’t pronounce either). Rachel was exactly as I expected her to be – vivacious, funny, very pretty and not afraid to speak her mind, despite the backlash it might ensue. She’s also extremely passionate about food, making you want to rush home and spend the weekend cooking dish after dish in your very own London kitchen.


And so, without further ado, here’s a little video so you can see what we got up to on the night…


Rachel’s new shows – Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook: London and Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook: Cosmopolitan Cook – both start on Monday 9th June at 9pm and 9.30pm on the Good Food Channel (Sky 247 or Virgin 260). Bon appétit!

2 responses to “Cooking with Rachel Khoo

  1. Lucky you! And aren’t you photogenic!

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