The Blue Legume, Crouch End

When I move to a new part of town, I play a game of ‘what’s the nearest’. What’s the nearest pub, supermarket, restaurant and – for slow, sleepy Saturdays – place for a much needed brunch.


By day, Crouch End is a yummy mummy paradise, so bruncheries aren’t hard to come by. The Blue Legume is my nearest – a chain of three North London ‘cafe’ restaurants known for its breakfasts.


I went yesterday to revive my body after a late night of dancing. The long list of Soya beverages tempted me to try a Soyachino, which came with a sneaky amaretto biscuit. Frothy, creamy and sweet, it made me question cow’s milk for the first time in my life.


The menu is crammed with sweet and savoury dishes. I was tempted by the halloumi stuffed Meditteranean Breakfast (£6.95) and French Toast with poached plums & yoghurt (£6.45).


But I picked Mushrooms on Toast (£4.95) to satisfy my stomach. That, and a poached egg ‘extra’ (£1.15) resting on top. The egg was cooked to perfection and glistening mushrooms covered the brown toast, making it deliciously soggy in places. I’d have liked a greater variety of mushrooms, but couldn’t fault the flavour of what I had.


Around the table, my friends were guzzling Welsh Rarebit (£5.95), Eggs Royale on gluten free bread (£6.95) and a Vegetarian Sausage Breakfast (£6.95). My fork wasn’t welcome on their plates, but I did manage a slurp of N’s Banana Smoothie (£3.95), which was wickedly sweet.


I will no doubt return to The Blue Legume – probably next weekend. The variety and quality of the food, combined with the price and friendly staff, gives it a LLE Rating of 7/10 from me.

The Blue Legume, 130 Crouch Hill, Crouch End N8 9DY

One response to “The Blue Legume, Crouch End

  1. Looks reasonable and convenient!

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