Columbia Road Flower Market, Hackney

I’m a single, (late) twenty something girl looking for a tall, dark, handsome man that lives on Columbia Road. My friends call me picky. I call it discerning.


Go to Columbia Road on any given day and you’ll know exactly what I mean. Go on Sunday between 8am and 3pm, and you’ll soon adopt my criteria list. Because on a Sunday, Columbia Road comes alive with flowers, music and plant loving Londoners.


I went for the first time last Sunday and instantly fell in love. Although shorter than expected, the market is the perfect place to spend precious free time bartering over fauna and enjoying a bite to eat at one of the surrounding cafes.


We walked slowly through the market, stopping for a yummy cheese & asparagus bagel at Cafe Columbia and an excellently made coffee in Start Space – a gorgeous contemporary art and furniture shop.


Both had pretty gardens that made me long for my own outdoor space – somewhere I can entertain whilst feeling secretly smug.


Next time I go to Columbia Road I’ll have to try one of the local restaurants. Laxeiro looked particularly tempting and would be an ideal spot to spy an unassuming man, who’s just popped out of his house to buy flowers…for me?!


Columbia Rd, London E2 7RG

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  1. Like the photo!

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